“The Coming of Tan” Millennium Edition Audio Book+


“The Coming of Tan” Millennium Edition Audio Book

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Originally written in 1990, The Coming Of Tan is an incredible account of the many things learned and experienced by a poor sharecroppers kid that took his first trip to the Biaviian mothership in 1953. Riley’s second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him… then in a matter of seconds download into his brain…beautiful symbols by the thousands.

While Riley slept, they downloaded the history of humanity, alien insights, and a mass of knowledge into his memory. Riley made friends with these aliens and shares his many conversations and experiences through this book.

This new edition includes Riley’s further insights and comments on some of the things that have come to pass since the first publication of this book. Hear Riley, in his own words and voice, share the alien’s message. One that we should all take a responsibility for: Save This Planet.

Two MP3-format CDs, featuring over 18 hours of audio.


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WARNING: The Riley Martin audio book contains adult language. Customers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.