Omsa Qua Nexus


The Triad of Light, Knowledge, Spirit, and Form.


The Triad of Light, Knowledge, Spirit, and Form.

It encompasses, the cognizant and the etheric measure of all mortal beings. It is the key unto Infinity. Truly blessed shall be the one who posses the original. It was uploaded to my neurosynapses on the night of 9.11.09. Because it is universal, a finite number of copies, also blessed to the bearer, will be granted. Perhaps it shall be you.

Be advised, that in these days, the time draws nigh, when the measure of humans shall be tested unto the nexus. I have come to bid you peace, comprehension, and give you my love and as much protection as I can. Regardless of race, religion, origins, tribe, or sexual persuasion. By your love shall I endure, or perish.

My time is not long. I tell you this, that before the transition, I must be taken up once again, to argue the case of humanity before the Council of the Seven. Pray thee, send your hearts and love with me. If you learn of my going, my dear son, Eron will explain as best he can. Yet, do not despair, for I shall return, and I will not leave for the last time without you. I bid you peace and love, and I shall remain.