The Official Talking Riley Martin Bobblehead

The Official Talking Riley Martin Bobblehead

After overwhelming demand we have a limited supply of the Riley Martin Talking Bobblehead's. The infamous Riley Martin Bobble head will be offered in limited numbers, there are about 100 remaining, a mix of R-Rated and G-Rated models. A true collector's item! Purchase the model of your choice and in the event we have sold out of it we will notify you and ask if you would like the other rated model or a complete refund. Made of high quality resin, each bobblehead is individually handcrafted and hand painted. These unique collectibles are 7 inches tall and make a great gift for family, friends, or yourself!

Intricately detailed with electronic base that features some of Riley's famous sayings.
Chose from an R-Rated version and a G-Rated version.

R-Rated Bobblehead audio:
“What’s the matter bitch? Biaviian’s got your tongue? This is Riley Martin!”
“Word for the day is footoutofyouras; footoutofyouras means foot out of your ass”
“Look mother***ker I don’t have time for all this bulls**t.”
“You got nothing better to do than to play with the f***ing toy…you f***ng dork!”

G-Rated Bobblehead audio:

“O-Qua Tangin Wann … Qua Omsa Lagee Wann and things of this nature”
“Release Me! Release Me!”
“This is Riley Martin friend of the aliens”
“Targzissians are Obviously Reptilian”
“Friend Martin, we have need to speak with you.”