In 1953 at the age of seven, near the St. Francis River in Arkansas, I was abducted and taken aboard a UFO or flying saucer and kept for three days before being returned unharmed. Since then I have been visited by the same extraterrestrials every eleven years.

This association has been an ongoing one for the last thirty-five years. During that time a kind of intimate rapport has developed between them, the Biaviians (pronounced BE-AH-VEANS) and myself. I do not believe that my experience has been unique owing to the fact that a considerable number of earthlings have been and are contacted, and also the fact that I personally saw a number of humans, via telescan, living on the home planet of the aliens, and at least one man who also appeared to be in their confidence as I have thus far been. I further believe that three levitating, domed gardens aboard the great mothership are peopled by humans or hybrid humans, though I never had the chance to view them close up.

My formal education does not exceed a G.E.D., and I have spent time in several county jails and one prison during my life. I won’t attempt to go to any extraordinary lengths to try to convince the reader of the first hand truth of my knowledge. Instead I will leave the contents of this book to your own scrutiny and sense of logic, be you scientist or layman.
Since I am not a scientist, I know that much of the information that I’ve been made privy to is beyond my ability to comprehend and my over-all assessment of the character and motivation of these aliens is, no doubt, handicapped by my intellectual limitations, but it may not be beyond yours.

During my life I have pursued a varied number of vocations, most of them legal, some not so legal and nearly all of the physically menial sort. I left home before my fourteenth birthday and have traveled extensively about this country and some others. I have worked as a farm hand, a migrant worker, whiskey maker, bare knuckle fighter, bodyguard, soldier of fortune, construction worker and other minor things.

I have no history of mental problems or blackout spells, and I’ve never before this time come forth with this knowledge that I’ve gained of the aliens. I do so now for several reasons. First, as with many abductees, the conscious memory of these experiences has been a fragmented haze up until recently, second, I’ve learned through recent hypnosis that I had made a promise to these visitors not to divulge our association until I was given the go ahead to do so.

I’ve recently been given that permission. Even so, there is at least one other species of aliens who do not wish this information to be spread and who have actively sought to curtail my revelatory activities of late and with some success. These negative type aliens are called Targzissians and appear to me to be of reptilian origins.

I wish I could tell you that these celestial visitors have come bringing only good neighborly cheer and some universal message of perfection, but sadly this is not the case. The aliens are not perfect, they are not infallible, and they do have technological, psychological and spiritual limitations. They do not have, in my opinion, a good understanding of the human psyche and are often perplexed at the fickle illogic of humanity’s modus operandi.

To some they have appeared as angelic all seeing, all divine apparitions from heaven, while to others they have been perceived as unfeeling, uncaring and terrifying automatons. The truth is that they are some of both, depending upon the individual, the incident of contact and the physical treatment remembered from the encounter. As I have come to know them on a more conscious and intimate basis, having spent as many as nine days in one stretch in their company, I have found them to be fascinating, strange, logical, silly, funny, loving, offensive, careless, ignorant, wondrous, fragile, ominous and momentarily terrifying, but never unbelievable.

The extraterrestrials are real. They have individual personalities, tastes and subtlety differing philosophical opinions. They eat, sleep, have sex of a sort, defecate, burp and even die, either by the rate techno-accident or eventually by choice.
The ones I’m most familiar with, the male and female called Tan and Nela, have even learned something of the concept of bullshitting or joking, as well as amusement expression, via the smile. I have smelled them with my nostrils and touched them with my finger tips, held long and in-depth conversations and at the age of eighteen made love to from nine to a dozen hybrid females for purposes of procreation. Though I’ve not always been completely satisfied with the answers given to me, I’ve never yet asked a question of my alien friend, Tan, that he did not answer. And I asked many questions.
Of course, numerous sightings have transpired simply by chance, but I have learned that seldom if ever have there been chance abductions. The subjects are chosen for a reason, even though this reason may not be one of esoteric or revelatory meaning. The reason is often a matter pertaining to genetics and other scientific procedures.

Inasmuch as it is possible for an Earth person to penetrate the inward motivations and intentions of these celestial visitors, I have slowly come to the realization that the human animal is unique to the aliens simply because they feel responsible for a living experiment of their own formulation, if not creation. To allow the human species to perish from the universe would be a sad thing. Therefore, the human race must be preserved as a species in spite of itself, just as numerous other species of creatures have been preserved though we believe them to be extinct.

While the Biaviians, I believe, look upon Earth man as a kindred spirit, albeit an inferior one, the sentiments of the Targzissians or Targs, I believe to be a different one, more clinical in its projection. I further learned that common reasoning as we have come to know it and our set of values, which, with minor nuances, may be considered universal on Earth, need not necessarily apply to these aliens.

I personally saw numerous forms of life aboard the great mothership, but I learned that there are but seven different species of intelligent technological life forms aboard the huge egg-shaped craft and these are: (1) the Biaviians, (2) the Targzissians, (3) the Stagyians, (4) the Dorians, (5) the Nyptonians, (6) the Insectillians and a (7) the Seventh Form for which I could not learn a name or the nature of their origins.

I’m sure that many people have suffered grievously, more psychologically than physically, and some have probably developed different kinds of psychoses which have on occasion landed them in an asylum, yet I do not feel as if I have undergone any major psychological alterations as a result of my experiences with them. Perhaps this is because I have known of them for most of my life and-thus have never been subjected to the preconceived notion that man is the only intelligent life in the universe. It has never occurred to me to believe that extraterrestrials do not exist, thus I simply thought of them as strange and different beings who for some reason of their own chose to befriend me at the age of seven.

This book definitely contains a message for all and erstwhile secret revelatory information for others. Some of the things that I will reveal during the course of this book will serve as a key to unlock the unconscious doors of the minds of other contactees who are not yet consciously aware of the fact. This book will also serve, I am told, as a beacon instrument for those who shall ultimately be chosen as the ones for the great airlift which will transpire in the not too distant future.

Further, this book will serve as an instrument to at least superficially acquaint the masses with the knowledge that the aliens do exist. Thereby helping to psychologically condition them for the mass overfly, which must inevitably happen if the mass airlift is to transpire. It is not the aliens’ wish to cause mass panic with their temporary presence, nor to be construed as an invading force. If you should measure my life as most people measure this existence, that is by education, position, material possessions and tangible accomplishments, I’m afraid you will find me sorely lacking in sociological substance or even pinpointed religious zeal. However, the nature of this fantastic dimension of reality that I have been made privy to tends to supersede what most consider to be the tangible accumulated norms of society.

I do not consider myself an outcast of society, and I’m certainly not a loner. On many occasions in my life, I have been as actively involved in what I believe to be worthy causes, such as the Civil Rights marches and the picketing of the South African Embassy.
I am in empathy with conservationists and all manner of human suffering.

The fact that I have thus far neglected to become stationary and put down roots may have something or much to do with the fact that I consider all the trappings of human society as fleeting, transitory things of little value in comparison with the universal order of reality.

The fact is that most of man’s ideology, politics and religions are composed of just so much false and rhetorical bullshit. His politics, wars and professed sense of moralistic worth are but a simple fabricated facade blanketing his true primordial bestiality. His esoteric motivations rarely go beyond eating, defecating and fucking. All exalted position is nothing more than varying stages of the license to steal. Philosophically and spiritually man is a potential God, while realistically he is nothing more than a naked predatory ape with a gun.

Human society, I’ve come to believe, is composed of two predominant kinds of people, the predators, who through various forms of subterfuge or outright dictatorial tyranny, feed their gluttony by controlling the stupid, bigoted masses which thrive on hate much more than common sense, and the smattering of philosophically prominent ones in between from whence all the rest draw the bulk of their religious and moralistic pseudo persuasion and fleeting inspiration. So I don’t attempt to delude myself that my revelations will change the nature of humanity.

But this book will, I hope, reach the ones for which it is intended and also serve to enlighten humanity at large as to the reality of physical things far beyond the scope of our commonly realized dimensions.

I won’t dwell unduly upon those portions of my life which do not deal with my time spent in the company of the aliens, because the subject matter covered during my time with them is quite sufficient to fill the manuscript of this book.
What you will gain in knowledge from this book coupled with what you already know will no doubt serve to speed up and bring to maturity the purposes for which it is intended.


Good reader, I bid you welcome to this amended and updated information concerning this great book. Be aware that this book was written from 1988-1990. Since its publication, many happenings have come to pass, that has substantiated much of the information contained herein.

I revealed that the great mothership is located near the planet Saturn. It is near the rings of Saturn between the planet and one of its great moons. There it has languished since the time of Abraham. I tell you this so that you may become aware of the fact, that the NASA “Cassini” Space probe has recently sent back numerous photos of some great luminous object near the rings of Saturn.

Strangely, NASA has not bothered to try and explain what the luminous object is. Surely such a momentous discovery deserves at least some cursory attempt of an explanation of what it is. I tell you that it is the great mothership. I have been there, and spent timespans ranging from three to nine days. So I know of whence I speak. As you read forth in this book, you will no doubt find many other associated revelations, that has been more evident since the writing of this book.

You must ask yourself, could a country boy with barely a G.E.D. education could have known all of these details without having actually experienced those things of which he speaks? I ask only that you keep an open mind during your reading of this book. I bid you peace.

The Coming of Tan Millennium Edition