I was but seven years of age in November of 1953, when I first saw the strange lights above the river near my home in Northeastern Arkansas. At the time my family lived near the western bank of the Saint Francis River, which is one of the tributaries that feed into the Mississippi.

The lights had appeared above the river for three nights straight at around the same time in the late night or early morning, coming closer with each successive visitation. On the third night the brilliant lights were close enough to our house to cast the glow of their presence onto the walls of my bedroom. It was on this third night that I decided to go out and investigate.
Strangely, my two brothers, who shared the room with me, never awakened to witness the lights. Even when I tried to awaken them, I was never successful. Perhaps this was by design, because ordinarily I would not have been awake at that hour of the morning.

There were four of the lights, and I had watched them, fascinated by their acrobatic displays. They would shoot across the starlit sky from the west and come to an immediate standstill above the river. Then slowly they would circle in a follow-the-leader manner. Or the fourth one would remain stationary while the smaller three circled it. After a time, the fourth light would disengage itself from its companions and descend, glowing ever larger, toward the treetops near the river.

I could not detect any sound. The lights would often change in color and intensity from yellow to white, to red, green and shades of blue. And when they departed, they always buzzed the house, all four following in a row. It was on these occasions that I could feel the vibrations of their engines. The vibrations would grow in intensity as they passed over and diminish as they went away. They would circle back over the opposite direction, move away for a few miles and then just stop and shoot straight upward until they disappeared into the night sky.

On the third night the lights were very close, and it seemed to land behind the trees less than a quarter mile from my home. I put on my jacket and went out. Having explored the river bank on many occasions, I was thoroughly familiar with that area. I was accompanied by faithful and fearless mixed breed dog, Brown Boy.

We soon approached the spot where the ship had landed. Peeking through the bushes, I saw the saucer. It stood in a clearing suspended about twelve feet above the ground, and, though it was moored by three flexible legs, it slowly danced about, like a cork bobbing on water.

Shortly, the ship pulsed pinkish, and I found myself focused in a light beam emanating from the ship. Out of the light strode two little people. They were dressed in shiny blue jump suits and wore bubble type helmets. I was only seven, but they were hardly as tall as me. My faithful dog, Brown Boy didn’t make a sound of protest as the two beings took me by the arms and led me toward the ship. When we stepped directly beneath the saucer, there was a blinding white light, and the next thing I knew we were aboard. I found myself laying nude on some kind of table, similar to an operating table.

I can now speak with clarity upon that first encounter because the memories were reawakened in me through hypnosis in early 1988 by the UFO author-researcher Barbara Simon, whom I had met shortly after my 27 December 1987 sighting over the Ozark mountains in Arkansas, during which time I managed to take several Polaroid photos of the craft, before being taken aboard for the fourth time. Since Barbara and I started those regressive hypnosis sessions, my memory of those past incidents has been returning to me with a flood of recall, so much so that it is no longer necessary to undergo the hypnotic sessions in order to key up my memory.

Further, I’ve learned that the alien Tan told me on that last occasion that all of my memory would shortly return. Possibly engineered by my meeting with Barbara. Certainly a great number of things have transpired since our meeting to substantiate this belief. I will rehash these things in detail later in this book.

When the little people first approached me on the river, I was momentarily terrified. My fear was the result of my not being able to physically resist when they laid hands upon me for the first time and by my inability to move my arms and legs as I lay on the examination table aboard the ship. The presence of a third and fourth alien, whom I later learned to be Stagyians, didn’t help matters either.

After we entered the craft, the two small aliens had removed their helmets, and I could now see them clearly from the waist up.

The male was about four feet tall, and the female was a few inches shorter. In actual appearance, male and female differed just slightly in features. The heads were noticeably larger than normal in proportion to the body. The eyes were large, unblinking ovals. The male’s eyes were a light to deep gold color, while the female’s eyes were blue. The shades of their eyes tended to change depths, depending upon the light and perhaps the emotion.

Their arms were long, the fingertips reaching almost to their knees. Their feet looked flat and kind of splayed. Their hands were long and delicate.and had only three fingers and a thumb. The forefinger was longer than the middle finger. They had no outward ear flaps, but tiny holes where the ears should be. The nose had no cartilage and was almost flat against the profile. The mouth was thin-lipped and looked like a slit on the face. The teeth were tiny and uniform, like baby teeth. The chins were sharp and receding and gave the face an egg-like shape.

The female’s skin tone was a gray white, and the male’s complexion was yellowish brown or golden. The skin colors also changed at times, not in basic color but in subtle tones. They did not look like dangerous monsters, but I could not call them cute either. They did not articulate with their mouths but communicated via telepathy.

The actual physical examination was left to the Stagyians. I could see and feel their long spindly hands. Their touch was cold and clinical. As I’ve said, I could not move my body, but I could move my eyes and my head with effort.

The Stagyians, by any stretch of the imagination, are very ugly creatures indeed. They stand nearly six feet tall and have dark red leather-like skin draped loosely over their skeletal-like frames. The head is long and prune-like, and the eyes are tiny, black and close set.

Even aboard the craft, they both wore some kind of breathing device over their mouths, and at times you could hear their rapid shallow breathing.

I was later to learn that the Stagyians, in spite of their physical appearance, are considered to be the Pacifists even among the aliens because of their ability to store and retain vast amounts of data and recall and disseminate the same. The Stagyians hold many scientific and other brainy positions among the Biaviians, with whom they are affiliated.

I further learned that the Stagyians are the ones who perform most, if not all, of the physical examinations for the Biaviians on abductees. It is apparently the sight of these ugly but harmless beings that has caused many abductees to remain terrified of the experience, even though I am told that the Biaviians have never physically harmed an abductee, yet I can’t truthfully make the same statement in regards to the Targs.

The Stagyians also communicated via telepathy. However, I could never comprehend any of what they were saying. On the other hand, neither could the Biaviians understand the Stagyians except by replaying or filtering their transmissions through some kind of electronic devise.

Strangely, I could hear and communicate with the Biaviians telepathically even as a child. Of course, they had to revert to English from their native tongue, if it can be called that. I was told that most human beings have the dormant ability to communicate telepathically, but it is more pronounced in some, especially the ones who still maintain a greater portion of the original Elohim gene. Apparently I’m one of the gene retainers, and telepathic intercourse with the aliens comes easily to me.

During my physical examination, I was touched from head to foot, scanned with some kind of light probe that resembled a giant eye. The Stagyians may have taken hair samples, toe nail, skin scrapings and saliva from me. It was while I was on the table that I started to communicate with the Biaviians. Tan and Nela spoke to one another in words I couldn’t understand as they stood near my feet, and I butted in to their conversation telepathically, saying something like: You better turn me loose, ‘cause my daddy’s got a big ole shotgun, and he’ll shoot you with it. At which they both looked at me with interest. Then they started to converse with me in English.

Tan said that they were not going to harm me but were obligated to momentarily restrain me because I was big and strong and might try to hurt them. Soon I got over my fear of them if not of the Stagyians and convinced them that I wouldn’t harm them if they let me up. Initially I had called him a “big head Doodie dog”,, to which they looked at one another and repeated the phrase “BIK-ADE-DOOEY-DOK”. They weren’t familiar with the phrase or its meaning, and I didn’t bother to explain it to them at the time.
I cannot say exactly how long I remained on the examination table, but after a long while they allowed me to get up and move to a kind of translucent recliner. They didn’t seem to be bothered by my nudity at all, and both Nela and Tan seemed to enjoy exploring my body with their hands. Their touch was cool but gentle. They seemed fascinated with my hands, my kinky hair and my sex organs. Even though I could move, my strength was greatly diminished. Tan stuck his finger in my mouth and ran the tip over my teeth, and I bit him slightly, to which he said, “Ooow”, and snatched his hand away. I told him that it wasn’t polite to put his finger in some one’s mouth, and he said something about highly developed verbal resonance. They spoke to me on occasion and about me to one another or others. I could hear their exchange inside my head, not understanding them.

After a while they stopped examining me and walked over to converse with the Stagyians. It was then that I started to take a good look at the circular room or flight deck. The dome of the room was completely transparent, and you could see out on a 160 degree radius, even though, depending upon your point of focus, the objects outside were distorted by the curve of the dome. I remember that when I was outside looking at the ship the dome had appeared a solid metallic. A console, banana or hot dog shaped, covered about a quarter of the room’s outer circle. I didn’t see any protruding buttons or levers or even dials on the console, just different spots of pulsing color. The ship was actually piloted by a robot, that is a metallic thing with arms that seemed to float about in front of the console. In the center of the room there was a round disk-like table on which were some neon configurations like a star chart. The exam table and other examining instruments had completely disappeared, and the Stagyians now stood near another console-like thing and seemed to be working.

Presently Tan and Nela returned to me and pointed out of the dome. I saw the Earth small and shining in the distance, about the size of a golf ball, and the moon which was much larger. I could tell that we were going away out into the void of space, and I started to cry.

The alien Tan touched my check and retrieved a teardrop, which he then rubbed upon his brow. He said, “Oh, Martin, I can experience your emotion, yet its meaning is lost unto me. It is well that I may once again relate to sensations long un-recalled. Do you understand?”

But I didn’t understand at the time. Over the years I have come to realize what he meant. Apparently the Biaviians, or certain Biaviians, are able to telepathically mesh or interface with certain humans to the extent of actually being able to experience all the earthly emotions and physical sensations that the human feels. I understand that this state of intimacy between the alien and the human is not a common occurrence but a rarity. Yet to actually feel the emotion is not necessarily to know its meaning or the nature of the emotion’s logic. While numerous human beings could probably communicate telepathically with the Biaviians, few aliens and humans can achieve the symbiotic state of emotions transmutation. This is sad because I believe that if all the aliens could experience the emotional anguish that most humans go through upon abduction, they wouldn’t have made so many mistakes, been so unfeeling or used the same techniques of contact. Over time I believe that I was able to communicate much of this to my alien friend.

I also found that I could transmit some emotions to the female, Nela, but we never achieved the rapport that existed between me and Tan. She seemed more attuned to the sensations of joy, mirth and, perhaps, sensuality, while my occasional attempts at humor or joke telling seemed for the most part to be lost upon Tan. To this day, the little alien remains almost machine-like in his analytical reasoning, most of the time.

Then he turned and pointed out into space and said, “Look, Martin”. I looked and saw a brilliant comet shooting out through space and crossing the path of the other three saucers that accompanied us. I forgot my sadness as I watched the great comet. Then one of them said, “Martin, sing me the song”. I guess that I had inwardly been singing a song that my mom wrote for me to sing in church, and I began to sing it with my mouth:

I dreamed that the great Judgment morning, Had dawned and the trumpet had blown! I dreamed that the nations had gathered, To Judgment before the great throne.

From the throne came a bright shining angel, And stood on the land and the sea! And swore with his hand raised to Heaven, That time was no longer to be.

And oh with a weeping and wailing. As the last ones were told of their fate: They cried to the rocks in the mountains, They prayed but their prayers were too late.

As I finished the song, the ship moved over near the fiery comet and then began to pace it. Suddenly the ship started to move in a clockwise fashion around the comet, and as we were doing so, the ship began to play the melody of my song. It sounded wonderful and was composed of flutes, trumpets and a host of other magnificent instruments, filling every octave with scores of melodious harmonies.

I don’t remember when the aliens dressed me in a fine blue robe or placed the clothlike blue slippers on my feet, but when I noticed myself again they were there.

I saw that we were coming up to the planet Saturn with the great rings of ice and was told that the planet had twenty-three moons. The planet and its rings appeared to me to be devoid of color like a black and white photograph. Then as we passed one of the largest moons I saw it, shining like some great bejeweled egg upon the azure background of the endless sky. “Behold, Martin”, said Tan.

“This the vessel of our origins”. This was the first time that I laid eyes upon the great mothership. I was to visit it again on at least two future occasions, and it would take the contents of the latter visits to reawaken the memory of that first visit at seven years of age. Bear with me, dear reader.


visitors, Tan and Nela, most intimately. I believe that, as a child, it was easier for me to learn to accept these beings who are obviously not of this planet. Than perhaps it would be for an adult being faced with the same scenario. Of course I experienced waves of fear of apprehension, in that, many hypothetical possibilities passed through my mind. Were they going to use me for food, or dissect me in some gruesome experiments?

I’m sure that they were aware of my fear. So they set about to comfort me, and to assure me that they meant me no harm. I instinctively believed them. I must admit that even as a seven year old poor farm boy. It was difficult for me to lovingly accept these strange little people or beings, who are obviously not of this earth. I could I could not have dreamed that I would shortly be exposed to awesome wonders, that were even more traumatic to my mindscape.

Seventeen years ago I wrote of the location and dimensions of the great mothership. The NASA Cassini space probe took photos of some great luminous, obviously controlled object near the planet Saturn in mid 2004. Thereby confirming my previously given information 17 years past, as to the location of said mothership.

Up through my present lifespan, my potential genius has not always manifested itself in a coherent fashion. For instance, I might relieve some terrible pain in a stranger or homeless person over here, and then have to kick some guy’s ass in a barfight over there. Generally because of some flirty young lady, or perhaps a questionable poker hand.

You must understand, that the life of a young man among migrant workers, whiskey makers, country blues-band jute joints, fast women, and shady card games, was not always imbued with tender gentility. You had to be tough to survive, without becoming the perpetual victim. I feel that I was nearly always fair, yet never weak.

The scriptures say that, many a time we have entertained angels unawares. I look back, and I can see that my life has on more than two occasions been pulled back or turned from the road to imminent destruction. Perhaps it was the voice in the crowd that talked me out of a blind rage, during some brawl. Or even the police officer who arrested me and locked me up for a short while, thereby preventing me from doing something stupid, which may have locked me up forever. Or perhaps it was the poor lady who picked me up, bleeding in an alley, wracked with fever. Then nurse me back to health. The dear lady for some reason was convinced that I was her son, who has been killed years before. I visited her until she died.

Surely you will ask yourself, why would these obviously advanced beings in the sky choose a man like Riley Martin to befriend? Instead of choosing someone of greater social status, and of less controversial life experiences. I too have pondered this question. I once posed this question to Tan, this roughly was his answer.

Friend Martin, do not dwell so greatly upon claims of piety, for none save the newborn can be proclaimed free of all fault. You have fed the hungry because you have known hunger. You have never harmed a foe beyond the necessity of self preservation. You have honored your word. We do not seek the saintly deluded, nor the self proclaimed divine. We seek one such as you. One who would stand and not fade, even in the face of the awesome pain to come. Then I said, no kidding. I thought that doing this hero shit would help get me girls. Then Tan said, I’m sure that you are trying to spread a little mirth. He was always too serious, which to me was often funny.

My father was hard buy fair, and my mother was truly an angel ‘a-walkin.’ He was eighteen and she was sixteen when they married in Tunica, Mississippi. They stayed married until they died. He passed at 88 years of age, and my mother at 90 years of age. They were moral and fair to a fault, and they tried to imbue in all of us children with good values. I should like to think that I have never strayed far from that grace.

My mother was half Cherokee and my father was half Black Seminole. My mother taught me how to cook, and sing, and to hold a love for books. WE have no money, yet she could heal all common illnesses, wit the herbal things that grew in the fields and forest. When the cotton crops was not up to necessary capacity, we often hat to live largely off the land. My father was the greatest hunter, I have ever known. Only two others became nearly as great as he. This was my brother Mickey and me.
Mickey had the eyes of an eagle, and could often see hidden game that I did not see. Yet I seemed to have the uncanny ability to think like an animal. Instead of chasing or tracking the game animal, I could go ahead of the creature and wait for it to come. It nearly always did. You did not shoot a match stem. You learned to light the match with a rifle. Then to extinguish the flame with a bullet without disturbing the wooden stem of the match.

Such activities engenders a good sense of geometric distance, depth, and spatial motion. So when I say that Tan’s ship was 33 feet form rim to rim, and 18 feet thick at the dome, I’m probably correct. I still love to fish, yet I don’t hunt anymore. My father always said. Boy don’t kill nothing you ain’t gonna eat. Yer lil bastid.
The extraterrestrials trusted me with information which they hope, when revealed, shall be good for the healing of the nations. I pray myself worthy of this undertaking.

The Coming of Tan Millennium Edition
Chapter 1