Riley Martin
Sharecropper kid, to a Biaviian mothership

Riley Martin says it all started when he was seven... they took little Riley aboard an alien spacecraft to a huge mothership near the planet Saturn. Born 1946 into a family of sharecroppers where adults can not read or write. In 1953 two aliens took little Riley on his first trip to their mothership near Saturn. Riley's second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him... then in a matter of seconds download into his brain ...beautiful symbols by the thousands...then while Riley slept they downloaded the history of humanity, alien insights,and a whole lot more.Riley made friends with this little alien he calls..Tan.O-Qua Tangin Wann.

Tan released a block they had on Riley's memory. Then in 1987 Riley was driving on Interstate-40 and saw 4 saucers coming up behind his car he took four pictures of them then took those Polaroid photographs to a hypnotist... he was hypnotized to find out what happened. Then Riley wrote it down. It was a 593 page manuscript Riley called it The Coming of Tan.

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"The Coming of Tan" Millennium Edition Audio Book
The Coming of Tan Millennium Edition


Greetings, Riley Martin Wayfarers & Fans! We appreciate your interest and concern for the ole Space Cowboy. As many of you know, Riley has been experiencing some significant health issues. We are happy to report that he is returning home now, after a prolonged stint in the hospital and after undergoing a recovery program at a rehabilitation facility. He said to tell you all that he loves you and misses you, and is looking forward to hearing from you and being heard again by his many friends, fans and well wishers. We are hoping that he will soon be returning live to resume “The Riley Martin Show” on Sirius/XM, Channel H101. He also said to send a special shout out to all of you who have contacted us to extend your love and blessings, as well as to Howard Stern and his staff, who have been a great source of support and encouragement during these challenging times.

We would also like to thank you all for your patience and understanding, as we have been overwhelmed with the task of administering all of the demands required to make sure that Riley receives the best care possible. Mrs. Joy Martin also extends her profound gratitude and thanks for all of your prayers for Riley's speedy recovery. We know you all miss us, and we miss you! Please stay tuned for coming updates, and we are hopeful and looking forward to Riley returning to the air and being accessible to his wayfarers and scores of fans. Again, thanks a million, please visit the website and continue to support our favorite extraterrestrial contactee, our national treasure, the one & only, Riley Martin! Peace.

Best Regards,


Originally written in 1990, The Coming Of Tan is an incredible account of the many things learned and experienced by a poor sharecroppers kid that took his first trip to the Biaviian mothership in 1953. Riley's second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him... then in a matter of seconds download into his brain ...beautiful symbols by the thousands.

While Riley slept, they downloaded the history of humanity, alien insights, and a mass of knowledge into his memory. Riley made friends with these aliens and shares his many conversations and experiences through this book. This new edition includes Riley’s further insights and comments on some of the things that have come to pass since the first publication of this book. 413 Pages including 12 color pages. Riley, in his own words, shares the alien’s message. One that we should all take a responsibility for:

Save This Planet.